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Bregdark (SuperAdmin) 4/11/2006 7:35 AM EST : The Plague Journals
Father Doctor Sergeant
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-- A thick looseleaf journal, bound in gnome skin, filled with various illustrations and spidery handwritten letters.  The ink is reddish; it is distilled from murk thresher blood.  The words are completely unintelligible to you, since it is written in a language spoken by only two people on Azeroth.

-- The cover has a title in Orcish: Plague Journals.

-- Were you able to read the contents, here is what you would find on the first non-blank page:

These are the private journals of Father Doctor Bregdark, and his notes related to assorted and various medical and alchemical research projects.    

-- If we continue to assume you could read the language, and if you were to flip open the book to a random page in the middle, you might read the following:

Undated entry:

While the hot sun of the Barrens proves inhospitable and entirely uncomfortable, the area does prove fruitful as a place of research.

My first course of study is upon the deer that inhabit this region.

I have introduced strain #1,446 into the native population of adult deer. In tracking the strain's progress, it has proven as virulent as I expected.

My hypothesis is that this strain will affect the deer's taste to the predators of the region, and that the taste will be unpleasant. The predators will learn to avoid the deer, and thus the deer should have prolonged lives. The predators -- raptors, lions, tigers -- will instead feed on other fauna such as the zevras (or each other), and the relative population of the deer will increase.

So far, the hypothesis seems to have borne out, and the predators have begun to avoid the deer over time; however, an unanticipated side effect is that the reproduction rate of the deer population has decreased significantly. When I began this course of study, the number of deer per 100 creatures tracked was approximately 40. I expected that number to increase to 60 or 70. Instead, it has begun to fall.

Strain 1,446 has interesting characteristics and should continue to be studied.  At present there is no curative, although I expect this Strain to die out when the current deer population expires, since new deer populations will eventually resist it.

I will next be experimenting with Strain 1,451 on these deer. It produces a delightful greenish cloud amongst those stricken with it.

I also have my eye upon the black bears of Tirisfal. I plan to migrate several of them to the Plaguelands where I can introduce Strain 1,459 to them in isolation.

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Raels (SuperAdmin) 4/11/2006 10:29 AM EST : RE: The Plague Journals
Dark Mistress

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--flipping through it while it was briefly in her possession

Near the back of the journal:

The Apothecary at the Undercity continues to be a valuable asset in my research. Today, a fresh new batch of subjects was captured near Southshore and was shipped back to be put under my care. This ruffled the feathers of a certain alchemist who demanded more subjects with which to test his polymorph potions. He continues to be a disappointment to us all, and further, my work is much more important.

It is becoming more and more difficult to hide my progress from the busybodies and meddlers that pick and prod into my research. More and more I am being asked to show proof of my work. Thankfully, I was able to gain more time, funding, research ingredients, a bigger lab, and most importantly, solitude, when I was able to show them a disease which sloughed the skin and fur off of a rabbit within 10 seconds.

With that experiment in particular (strain #9,542), I was intrigued to find that the rabbit was able to live for a few hours in an undeath-like state. However, I had to incinerate the subject as its continued pain and torment would not subside. Its unending shrieking was causing quite a discom—

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